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The Golden Boy: A Classic Daniel Jackson Community

Celebrating Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-3

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Celebrating Daniel Jackson from Seasons 1-3 of Stargate SG-1
"Hi, I'm Daniel Jackson. We're peaceful explorers."

So sayeth our frontline team's archaeologist/linguist/anthropologist whenever they set foot on a new planet.

As I stated in the home page's blurb, Welcome. This community celebrates all that is weird and wonderful about the Dr. Daniel Jackson of the first three seasons of Stargate SG-1 (we may be able to extend that unofficially to Season 4 or 5 if anyone desires, but the primary focus will be on seasons 1-3): His unending thirst for knowledge and how he would frequently put it ahead of his own safety; His relationships with his friends and teammates, Jack, Sam, and Teal'c (as well as with General Hammond, Janet Fraiser, and other SGC personnel), as well as with his wife, Sha're; and his admirable selflessness when it comes to helping those in need.

All we ask is that you abide by the Golden Rules:

1. This is a community devoted solely to the early season Daniel from SG-1. Please respect this and do not post anything about the later season Daniel from Seasons 7-10. However, if you'd like to discuss the Daniel Jackson from the Stargate film as well, that is fine.

2. No bashing. This includes later season Daniel. Daniel undoubtedly has evolved over the course of the show (whether for the good or bad depends on each fan's taste) - anyone can see that. But we'd like to keep this community focused on early season Daniel as much as possible, and would like fans who adore later season Daniel just as much (or even more) to feel comfortable hanging out here.

So, no character bashing. And no member bashing either. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If someone posts something you don't like (especially as far as shipping or slashing is concerned), please just skip it.

3. Please make note of pairings. If you're posting some art, fic, or vids, please mention the pairing(s). This way, if someone doesn't particularly care for them, they can just skip over it.

Special note: We are pretty easy-going here as far as pairings are concerned. If you're worried about canon, the main pairing being represented here would be Daniel/Sha're (or Daniel/Sha'uri if you prefer). Other pairings would be fine in an AU situation. But I personally don't have any problem with other pairings being discussed or represented here at all, including Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Sam, Daniel/Janet, Daniel/Teal'c, Daniel/Sarah (for anything pre-series), or even Daniel/OC. Just please make mention of the pairings.

4. Please place long discussions (or fic) behind a cut. Include the title and author, and then put the body behind a cut, either for a posting here, or a fake cut (aka link) to your own LJ. For fics, please include title, author, rating, pairing(s), and a short summary.

I think that's about it. Please note that this is a private community, and you have to be approved after you sign up. This is mostly to fend off spammers and/or trolls, which sadly tend to be quite active on LJ.

Once you're approved, have fun and post away! :)

- Jess, comm mistress